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Your trip to Washington DC has been confirmed, and you’re just about to share the good news with your kids. Then disaster strikes. Your boss calls to drop the news that the purpose for your visit to our nation’s capital will be to attend a mandatory business conference. Never mind your own extreme disappointment. How are you going to break the news to your children?

Give Your Kids The Ultimate Tour Of Washington DC

As it happens, there is a way to kill two birds with one stone. You can “enjoy” your time at the business conference while still giving your kids the ultimate tour of Washington DC. How is this possible? The answer is simple: You can contact us to arrange for a tour of the capital that will give them access to all of its historic landmarks and sites of interest. Even if your business commitments will keep you from attending the tour in person, you can still make sure that your children have the time of their lives.

What Can A Tour Of The City Do For Your Children?

While you’re suffering through your boring business conference, we’ll be whisking your children away on an adventure tour of the city that will afford them a true once-in-a-lifetime experience. They’ll see for themselves the historic landmarks that the city has to offer, and come away with a far more personalized sense of our nation’s history. It’s one thing to view the great Lincoln Memorial on Youtube, but a whole other thing to see it with your own eyes. This is the sort of in-person, hands-on experience that our tours specialize in.

Personalized Tours For Children In Your Age Group

If you have children between the ages of 8 and 15, you should know that our tours are personalized to meet their specific needs. We won’t bore them with “baby stuff”, but we will keep them supervised and completely safe as they tour the city. Our tours are geared toward giving your children something fresh and exciting to look at along every step of the way. No matter what their interests may be, we believe we can keep them occupied and edified the entire time.

Contact Us For More Information Concerning The Tour

From the majestic sight of the Potomac River to the White House itself, we can show your children the whole of our nation’s great capital. We can give them a hands-on history lesson that is reinforced by showing the very places where this history happened. This is a truly unique opportunity that you can share with your children. If you’re interested in learning more about our special series of tours, please contact us for further information.

Are your clients interested in bringing their kids to your event in DC? Do you have a safe, insured and exciting plan to provide your clients who need a great day-time experience for their 8-15 year old children while the parents are attending your event?
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Are your clients, conference goers or meeting attendees looking for kid friendly activities & sightseeing while they are in DC for your event? DC Youth Tours provides chaperones and day-long sightseeing around the National Mall for kids 8-15 year old!