How We Do It


The Family Concept

Does each person in your family seem to have sites and interests they want to see in Washington, DC as varied and unique as their personalities? Is the debate about when and how much time to spend at each site beginning to seem as contentious as a debate on Capital Hill? Let our tours be the continuing resolution your family is looking for that will create a non-partisan evening dinner conversation and memories to tell in your own Congressional District!
We take youth, pre-teens, tweens and teens to the sites they want to see and provide them with new friends and engaging learning experiences that will leave only one debate over the dinner table: Who gets to tell about their day in DC first!


The most important thing to us is safety! All of our guides are 1st Aid and CPR trained, plus background/credit checked.

  • Every client is given a color-coded team t-shirt for the day
  • Each of our guides carries:
  1. Fully charged cell phone and walkie-talkie (with back-up power source, and check in hourly with headquarters);
  2. Fully stocked 1stAid kit;
  3. Water and snacks;
  4. Emergency Action Plan: Emergency contact information for DC Metro Police, Capital Police, emergency phones, and emergency contact information designated on client application.

Note: all drop-off and pick-ups happen at the Smithsonian Station on the National Mall. In case of emergencies, all staff, youth/clients and parents are instructed to go to theSmithsonian Station on the National Mall as our emergency or lost person meeting place. If for some reason the Smithsonian Station on the National Mall is deemed inaccessible by the local authorities, our secondary emergency meeting place is the Foggy Bottom Metro stop in front of The George Washington University hospital.


Our guides enjoy their work; most of them are professional teachers during the school-year or are studying for advanced degrees at the many prestigious DC-area universities.

Guide leads love working with and inspiring young people.

Each of our staff, from the guides to the support crew go through rigorous weekly training to keep them up to date on the newest events and information (and of course safety procedures and emergency action plans!).

Select from 1-day to weekly or all summer program. Our full-day tours start at 8:30am daily. All tours end at 5:30pm and include:

  • Lunch, sunscreen, age appropriate team quizzes, games and daily prizes on each tour.
  • Each tour comes with a highly trained, energetic guide (we call them Team Coaches) and each group has 6-10 new friends for you to get to know and make your day in DC memorable!


Our registration system is short and easy. Just got to our registration page , review the guidance information so that you have everything you need before you start – we have a few questions to make sure we can prepare for your arrival and be well prepared for all contingencies (allergies, emergency contact information and the like).


On the morning of your tour, you should arrive at 8:15am this may take some time depending on how busy we are, so bring THIS flyer to select the tour group of your choice. You may want to bring a printed version of your registration; however, you can also keep this on your mobile device to show for registration. Registration takes place on the National Mall at the Smithsonian Station – there will be signs and lots of smiling faces, you won’t miss us!


Pick-up from tours is at 5:30PM at same location (Smithsonian Station on the National Mall). Youth under age 18 y/o will only be released to those persons (with ID to prove their identity) listed on the registration as authorized to be released. Youth over 15 y/o may be released on their own if specifically indicated on the youth’s registration. Please be sure that the person picking up your youth has a photo identification at pick-up – for the safety of our clients there will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this pick-up policy.

Download Our Spring 2017 Brochure

Download Our Summer 2017 Brochure