How to find organized travel for your Kids

If you will soon be attending a business conference in Washington DC, you may well be debating the point of bringing the kids along. If you will be hung up in our nation’s capital on important business matters, you may well feel that you will simply be too preoccupied to give them the supervision they need in order to stay safe as well as adequately entertained. This is exactly where we can step in to give you a helping hand.

Touring Our Nation’s Capital In Comfort And Style

Have you ever considered the benefits of giving your kids a guided tour of Washington DC? You may well be too busy at your conference to accomplish this goal in person. However, we can step in to do it for you. If you’ve ever wanted to give your children something special by way of a safe, exciting, and educational experience, now is the right time to make it happen. We can give your kids an amazing view of our capital’s most impressive and enduring sights, all in the space of a single unforgettable few hours.

Washington DC Is The Place To Be

When it comes to touring our nation’s capital, we know just how to deliver the goods. While you while away the day at your conference, we can give your children a day out on the town that they will be sure to remember for the rest of their lives. From Lincoln’s Tomb to the White House and all points in between, this is one tour they’ll be more than happy to embark upon. If you’d like to give them a precious experience that will stir their imagination and ambition, this is one opportunity you’d be foolish to pass by.

Safety Is Always Our Very First Concern

Please note that the safety and well being of your children is always our first concern. Our tour guides and transportation are guaranteed to provide them with a safe and comfortable experience. All of our personnel are fully vetted and qualified to ensure a fully safe and enjoyable tour for everyone. We provide adequate supervision for all members of the tour and emphasize full vigilance to prevent any mishaps or emergencies. Contact us for more information.

Expose Your Children To History In The Making

Our nation’s capital city is one of our nation’s most impressive and important landmarks, with an impressive history and heritage that more than speaks for itself. The tours that we provide are your chance to expose your children to history in the making. If you’d like to give your child the opportunity to witness for themselves exactly why our nation’s capital is the wonder and envy of the world, please contact us today.

Are your clients interested in bringing their kids to your event in DC? Do you have a safe, insured and exciting plan to provide your clients who need a great day-time experience for their 8-15 year old children while the parents are attending your event?
DC Youth Tours is a great value-added partnership for you and your clients! DC Youth Tours is a Destination DC member offering chaperoned sightseeing of the National Mall. We’re DC’s only sightseeing service focusing on kids! Contact us at to find out about our Destination DC discounts and Corporate Rates.

Are your clients, conference goers or meeting attendees looking for kid friendly activities & sightseeing while they are in DC for your event? DC Youth Tours provides chaperones and day-long sightseeing around the National Mall for kids 8-15 year old!