Attend the important Conference while the Kids are occupied

In the past, professionals attended important business meetings and conferences without the option of taking along family members. Now, time is such a valuable commodity that professionals are coordinating their professional obligations with family vacation time. It’s no secret that the wonders of Washington DC include endless sites and monuments. It has become extremely attractive for people to combine professional obligations with one-of-a-kind tour experiences in the nation’s capital.

The only downside to planning this type of trip is not being prepared with adequate opportunities for kids to stay entertained, see educational sites, and not interrupt important business plans. It is in the best interest of companies that organize business meetings in the area to provide information about ways their attendees can entertain the entire family.

Our company has taken the forward-thinking steps to provide tours perfect for young people that coordinate seamlessly with professional travel and attendance obligations. Only a few years ago, it was impossible to combine an educational family vacation with an important business trip. Our services take care of all the transportation and tour-planning details. This means, when the kids come along, they will have the opportunity to get as much out of seeing the sites in DC as their hard-working parents do at a career-oriented conference.

Our tours are organized into themes that fit the personalities and interests of children ranging from 8-15 years of age. Depending on dates and exact metropolitan hotel locations, our youth tour system customizes travel in and around the city, guidance through the most important points of interest, and the chartering of absolutely safe methods of transportation. In a way, our Washington youth tour service makes kids feel like DC is their home away from home. Instead of a hasty and stressful sprint through the area, we help young people enjoy the best the city has to offer, while their parents are fulfilling professional company attendance obligations.

Whether it’s our trademark Red, White, Blue, Orange, Future Policy-Maker, or other specialty tours, we guarantee success in combining a conference trip with a valuable family vacation. If teenagers are accompanying their parents, our youth tours can include an interesting historic colleges and universities survey that can take care of another family concern-the future. There is no place to boost a career, bond as a family, and discover the uniqueness of American history like Washington. DC Youth Tours is the best choice of vacation for a family bravely pursuing many goals at once.

Are your clients interested in bringing their kids to your event in DC? Do you have a safe, insured and exciting plan to provide your clients who need a great day-time experience for their 8-15 year old children while the parents are attending your event?
DC Youth Tours is a great value-added partnership for you and your clients! DC Youth Tours is a Destination DC member offering chaperoned sightseeing of the National Mall. We’re DC’s only sightseeing service focusing on kids! Contact us at to find out about our Destination DC discounts and Corporate Rates.

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