5 Sites That Shouldn’t Be Missed In A Student Tour Of D.C.

Virtually every non-residential location in Washington DC houses a site worth including on a conference tour. There are literally thousands of locations, monuments, historic points, and places to enrich a personal appreciation for the unique grand experiment that is the United States.

There are however, sites in the city that are extremely popular and have unfortunately become mundane. This does not diminish their importance. It only suggests that a little energy dedicated to finding points of interest that are suited to certain groups might be a strategy for a memorable tour. This is especially true when it comes to peaking the interests of select groups.

Professional adults can learn a great deal from tours that include sites that have elements with which they can connect. Much of modern life is connected to the stories revealed in the monuments occupying DC. Here a five ?must see? sites for everyone that are fun, engaging, and unparalleled in providing useful information.

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Some people consider this museum to be the non-political, unabridged compendium of knowledge and history in the United States (along with the Library of Congress). It is both a museum and the world’s premier research institute. Located on the National Mall, the Smithsonian attracts millions of visitors each year, and incorporates over 1.5 million square feet of exhibit space. Everything from gemstones to military uniforms are on display. This museum is now fully interactive with the sole purpose of providing educational opportunities for a wide audience.

The National Air and Space Museum

Nothing sparks the imagination like technology and invention. This branch military museum features replicas and actual models of virtually every piece of machinery used by the American military and space programs. A walk through the museum gives visitors a chance to see the dimension and beauty of vehicles like the NASA space shuttles, and the planes that turned the tides in every modern American conflict.

The Newseum

This center is especially helpful when educating visitors about what they see and hear on the news each day. News broadcasts play a special role in American culture, and this exhibit helps them understand the role of the free press. Not only can visitors learn about the evolution of news broadcasting, but they can participate in mock studio recordings as well.

The National Holocaust Museum

This intense tribute to the people involved in WWII is probably most appropriate for audiences with solid constitutions, but is strikingly powerful for all. At this museum, full recreations of what it what like in the ghettos of Nazi-occupied Europe are on display. As victors in the liberation of Europe during WWII, the United States is obligated to educate people about the atrocities and potential for evil in the world. This museum offers an emotional and life-changing experience for all.

The Washington Monument

No tour in the nation’s capital is complete without a viewing of the monolith dedicated to the most iconic American president and war general. This 555-ft obelisk can be viewed by day, or by night. It is the focal center of all monuments in the Washington D.C. area.

Designing a conference tour of DC that is memorable and influential is a great task. The sites must have the power to hold attention, yet convey uncompromising elements that highlight the exceptionalism of the nation’s history. These five sites provide amazing educational and emotional elements for a one-of-a-kind travel experience.

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